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Flares Grip Strength Developers

  • 8" Long, 1.25" Diameter
  • New Gentle Texture. Flares and Candles feature a new surface texture we're pretty happy with. Instead of a rough sandstone type surface like most of our products, these guys have very fine dimpled wood grain. It's pretty smooth, but the dimples allow you to grip more easily. With chalk they feel really easy to grab and without chalk they can feel slick.
  • The diameter makes them much easier for little ninjas to grab than the 2" Nunchucks, and the texture is much more gentle on your skin.
  • Eye-Bolts are 3/8"
  • Made with pure polyurethane.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • Released 2016/04/10.
Flares Dimensions

(2 Pack) Accessory Options:
Color Options:
Special Instructions

Just posted the #Candles and #Flares up on the site ?? Link in Bio... @ninjamonkey1221 @cworkman316 #flexitout #itsforfun

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Flare Gripping one Hand

New Set!

Candyland Granite Grips

10 Pack
Crimps, Incuts & Pinches

Welcome to Three Ball Climbing!Where Steve, Derek, Matt, Andrew, Christopher & Nick manufacture the highest quality climbing holds and grip strength training gear on the market. We do everything from scratch right here in the U.S.A.

Here at Three Ball we've always found it strange that most companies seem to Compete on Price.We've never been interested. Our Focus has always been on quality. Cheap is easy. If you are looking for the cheapest thing, trust me, you'll get it in every sense of the word!

Here's our challenge to our competitors:, Lets change the focus, Lets compete on Quality! Instead of focusing on 'maximizing profits' join us! Lets see what you can do when you're focused on making the absolute best product possible!

A Big Thank You to our Customers!!!
With your help we've been able to support Make A Wish Foundation on multiple occasions, Schools for the Blind, Active Duty Military, Fire Stations, Ninja Warriors etc. etc. We're proud to say after 11 years we've never made a dime. We've donated every penny of profit we've ever made to Charity. In 2015 we donated over $25,000 worth of gear. You make it possible for us to do what we do. We recently helped the Denver Bouldering Club to raise $10,000 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

What do we make? We provide a wide variety of rock climbing holds, Ninja Warrior training gear, t-nuts, bolts, and Carabiners. If you need help with your project, let us know! When you call you talk to a climber who has worked in every department from shaping holds to shipping packages.

* Note: The price for each set of climbing grips is determined by the volume of material required to produce it. The higher the price per hold, the larger the average size of the holds in the set. (Higher price = Bigger holds.)

Solid Climbing Holds:
At Three Ball Climbing we consider two major factors when designing climbing grips.

1. Material Used
2. Structure


Most climbing hold producers use one of 4 types of plastic:

1. Semi-Rigid Polyurethane
2. Rigid Polyurethane
3. Semi-Soft Polyurethane
4. Polyester Resin (with and without fillers)

At Three Ball Climbing we regularly test climbing holds made with different materials by breaking them with a torque wrench. We make our holds with pure Rigid Polyurethane for flat walls because it stands up to abuse the best. Our climbing holds are more durable than holds made with less expensive materials. If you push them to the limit, you'll be more likely to break the t-nut.

Route setters in climbing gyms normally tighten holds down to 9-11 ft-lbs of pressure. Your average t-nut will break somewhere between 16 and 29 ft-lbs depending on the type of wood and the type of holds used. Our Rigid bolt-on crimps can withstand over 20 ft-lbs of pressure before breaking.


I'm sure you've seen those big hollow slopers with no support behind the bolt hole. You bolt it down and it warps or breaks. At Three Ball we'll never do that. In addition to the design, we feel it is important for climbing holds to have a good solid structure.

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