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Vertical Limit / Grip Strength Trainer:

Limiter 3:
Pawns Globe Grasper

  • 12" Long
  • 2.5" Width
  • Difficulty: Moderate, In bouldering terms doing 5 pullups would be around V3
  • This is the 3rd and final version of the Limiter we've designed for people who want to get better at the Vertical Limit obstacle.
  • This product can be fastened to just about any wood surface, including the doorway using #9 Deck Screws.
  • If you've tried the 2nd version, you'll find the 3rd to be MUCH easier. I've improved the shape a bit, increased the depth of the grip area and added grippy striations to both sides.

  • My goal which I have finally accomplished, was to create a product that is easier than original obstacle called 'Vertical Limit'. I wanted to be able practice higher reps at lower intensity. 3rd time is the charm right?! :)
  • Get a pair for the door way, or get the 6 Pack, set up the entire obstacle and Save 30%!
  • Released 2017/01/12.

1 Pair Hardware Options:
Color Preference:
Special Instructions

6 Pack - 30% 0ff - Hardware Options:
Color Preference:
Special Instructions
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