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Beast Ball Suspension Accessories

Beast Balls attached to climbing wall:

    Accessories for suspending Beast Balls:

  • Pictured below in yellow is a 60cm Black Diamond Nylon Runner rated for 22kn (about 4900 lbs)
  • The steel quick links attached to the Beast Balls are 3/8" with a SWL of 880 lbs

  • The hangers pictured are Fixe brand 3/8" Stainless Bolt Hangers. These hangers are bolted directly to the 3/8" t-nuts with a 1" bolt. These hangers have a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs.
  • What you see in the video to the left is the hanger bolted to the t-nuts in the climbing wall, Carabiners (same function as a quick link) attached to hanger, hanger attached to runner, and runner attached to the eye bolt of the Beast Balls.

  • Please keep in mind this is not The way to suspend your training equipment, it's simply a way that has worked well for us. With that said it is important that you do not leave the runner out of this system.

  • It is important to make sure the Beast Balls can rotate freely and will never experience the kind of pressure that could start to unscrew the eye bolt from the ball.
  • Released 2014/09/08.
Stainless Fixe Hangers:

3/8 Inch Fixe Bolt Hanger
Special Instructions
Quick Link

5/16 Quick Link

3/8" Screw-gate

Special Instructions
Nylon Runners:

60cm nylon runners
60cm Runner
Select Size
Special Instructions
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