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Screw-On or Bolt-On?
Screw on Beginner Climbing Rocks

  • Fasten with Deck Screws, a #3 Philips bit, and a power drill.
  • Fasten to just about any wood or concrete surface.
  • Great for projects where grips will not need to be moved around frequently.
  • Perfect for outdoor climbing walls.
  • T-nuts are not necessary.

Bolt on Beginner Climbing Rocks

  • Fasten with 3/8" Bolts, T-nuts, and a 5/16" Wrench.
    (T-nuts must be installed from the back side of the wall panels.)
    More Info...
  • Fasten to 23/32" or 1" Plywood Panels.
  • Great for customers who intend to re-set routes regularly and would like to be able to fasten and remove grips quickly without a power-drill.
  • Compatible with any climbing wall where 3/8" T-nuts (Industry Standard) have been installed.
  • Additional Hardware

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