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Limited & Custom Items:

3B8 Kids Climbing Holds

  • Discontinued 2017/03/20
  • For whatever reason this item hasn't sold well. We've got about 50 grips left in stock. Once they are sold this item will be removed from the site.

  • 20% off
  • Fun Juggy holds for all!
  • These guys were designed to replace our 'Kids Jugs'.
  • The Base hemisphere is 3.5" diameter. The smaller protruding sphere has a 2" diameter.
  • Fastens: to a 3/8" t-nut with 1 bolt. The smaller hole in the glossy area is for a deck screw to make sure the holds cannot spin.
  • These grips are easy for children to grab on just about any climbing wall. If climbers will be bare-foot, some of these grips can be mounted sideways allowing the 3.5" base to be used as a big comfy foothold.
  • These grips can also be used by adults. They are nice and comfy on steep overhanging walls.

  • Texture: These guys have a nice comfy 180 grit sandstone texture. They are grippy but they won't feel nearly as rough as 99% of the other grips out there.
  • Made with pure polyurethane.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • Released 2016/01/08.
3B8 Orange Red and Blue Kids Climbing Holds

10 Pack, 20% off:
Wall Size (Panel Thickness)
Stock Color Options:
Special Instructions

After many attempts... #greatsuccess #campuscans #limiters #prototype #anw #flexitout #itsforfun #tryhardfalloff @ninjamonkey1221

A video posted by Three Ball Climbing (@threeballclimbing) on

Limiter Prototype, 2" Diameter Tube, 12" Length:

1 Limiter Hardware Options
Wall Size
Color Options:
Special Instructions

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