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Here at Three Ball Climbing we've been working on mixing up some bright new colors for you...

While pigments are important, the type of urethane we use even more important. We offer our products in both rigid, and semi-rigid urethane. Why? Because there is no such thing as the perfect plastic for all applications. Different climbing walls call for holds with different properties.

Rigid Polyurethane holds are best for climbing walls with flat surfaces. It is flexible enough to slightly conform to the surface of uneven climbing walls, but rigid enough that it will not deform and become prone to spinning. The balance between stiffness and flexibility make this type of material excellent for making climbing holds. Because they can be tightened with extreme pressure without deforming or cracking, they are least likely to spin. The downside to Rigid Polyurethane is it can crack when abused and overtightened on contoured concrete walls (Which is why we recommend Semi-Rigid Urethane for contoured walls). The edges will also chip easier than a more flexible urethane.

Flexible Polyurethane holds are best for climbing gyms with contoured concrete walls.
First it should be noted that there is a wide variety of urethane generally referred to as 'semi-rigid'. Three Ball Flexible or SRU (Semi-Rigid Urethane) is not as flexiblie as the urethane used by our competitors. Our SRU is designed to withstand the rigors of route-setting on uneven walls without the problems encountered when using normal 'SRU'.

    Most route-setters are famliar with the problems encountered when setting with holds that are too soft and flexible.
  • They are prone to spinning.
  • Holds bend and pull away from the wall when grabbed.
  • They have a tendency to fail by allowing the washer to get mashed towared the back of the hold during normal route-setting.

Generally speaking SRU grips are less likely to chip around the edges when dropped or fastened to an uneven wall. It is also the least likely to crack or break when overtightened. If used on flat walls, the use of a 'set screw' to keep them from spinning is a must.

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