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12" x 12" x 12" Rigid foam block
for shaping / sculpting climbing holds
Climbing hold shaping foam
This Rigid foam is much stronger than the little blocks of floral foam (soft foam) you might've tried using before. If you've tried molding floral foam, you're probably aware of the frustration that comes when your shape breaks and floats to the top of the mold rubber. When glued properly to the base of your mold box, this Rigid Foam will not break and become unglued.

Because of it's strength our Rigid Foam gives other advantages over soft foam during the shaping process. While shaping, you can stop and check out the feel of your new grip before you mold it. A Shaper can squeeze and pull and press on the foam with much greater pressure, and get a better idea of how the grips will feel once molded and cast in its final form.

This Rigid Foam requires the use of tools::
While it's strength and stability will allow for much better details, Rigid Foam is much more difficult to shape with your fingertips and you'll need some basic tools to get the job done. We recommend the use of a hand saw, rotary tool (like a dremel tool), and 100 or 120 grit sandpaper.
    Rigid foam block:
  • Buyer will receive (1) Rigid Foam Block.
  • This foam is 4lb density (4lbs per cubic foot).
  • Foam Block is big enough to make 1 big shape, or hundreds of smaller shapes. It all depends on how big you make them.
  • Shaping instructions not included.
    Shaping Tools not included.
    Shaping Tips:
  • Some people sketch out a shape they have in mind, and cut out a specific size block for that shape. Others cut random shapes and work on the ones that they can "see" a nice shape inside of.
  • Always keep the bolt-hole and overall structure in mind. Be sure to leave enough space for the bolt-hole and washer. When we design new shapes we usually try to leave space for a set-screw also.
  • If the bolt-hole is in the wrong place relative to the grip area, your new shape may be prone to spinning.
  • Be careful not to leave sharp edges. If you grip is uncomfortable, you'll end up avoiding it when it's bolted to your climbing wall.
  • Avoid making shapes that will trap air when the mold rubber is poured.
Temporarily out of Stock

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