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100 climbing holds


    (50 handholds + 50 footholds)

XS Footholds
XS Footholds
    100 Pack includes:
  • 7 XL Holds
  • 9 Large Holds
  • 14 Medium Holds
  • 20 Small Holds
  • 50 XS Foot-Holds

  • XS Footholds are best used with climbing shoes.

  • We recommend this set as an addition to an existing climbing wall, not as a starter set. For a starter set we recommend a package like Primates with a handhold to foothold ratio closer to 3-1 (3 Handholds to 1 Foothold).
  • Made with Pure Rigid Urethane for flat climbing walls.

50 Grips:
Color Preference
Wall Size
Special Instructions
100 Grips:
Color Preference
Wall Size
Special Instructions
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