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El Mundo Inch Spherical climbing hold

El Mundo Inch Spherical climbing hold

  • Designed to fit both M10 and 3/8" bolts.

  • Seamless grip area.
  • Made with pure polyurethane.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • Released 2014/10/24.
  • Also Available via 3ball.ninja
El Mundo

    6" Diameter Sphere:

  • El Mundo spheres are comfy matchable juggy slopers.... Huh? Open hand Jugs?
  • Spheres truly are versatile, and each size sphere must be used differently. This size is a lot of fun! El Mundo can be used on any angle of wall you want and can challenge any climber.

  • Venus spheres are slopey on every wall, but they can even be used on the completely horizontal roof! Overhanging walls? Hit it, undercling match, move again... You can dyno to these guys. On completely horizontal roof sections they can be really hard and really fun. You can undercling, match, dyno, kneebar toe-hook etc. etc. :)

  • While spinning is highly unlikely, to make sure they don't spin we'll be embedding a small pin in the base of each hold which will penetrate into the wood climbing wall when you bolt down the hold.

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