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Comrade Hemisphere Sloper


Give yourself a new challenge! Instead of having an incut feature to get your fingers behind, these climbing holds slope down. Not recommended for beginners.

SYS P105

SYS P105 Slopey System Pinch
4" Wide slopey pinch

Football Sloper

Football Sloper Side 003
5" Wide slopey pinch


Venus 5.5 Inch Sphere climbing hold

5.5" Diameter Sphere


Slowber climbing gym hold side 001
6.5" Wide Sloper

Universal Sloper

Universal Sloper
9" Diameter Sloper

Wub Wub

Wub Wub Mirrored Slopers
Mirrored Slopers


5 Slopers

5 slopey pinches

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