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Climbing Grips
Beginner set in Action


  • Kids Climbing Rocks, 40 Shapes:
  • 50% Easy kids jugs
  • 50% Intermediate crimps
  • We recommend using this set for
    kids age 4-12.
  • Straightforward comfortable shapes
  • Available in sets of 20, 40, and 100
  • Made with pure Rigid Urethane.

What is a T-nut?

Rock Climbing Grips poured by hand

20 Grips:
Wall Size (Panel Thickness)
Color Options:
Special Instructions
40 Grips:
Wall Size (Panel Thickness)
Color Options:
Special Instructions
100 Grips:
Wall Size (Panel Thickness)
Color Options:
Special Instructions

  • How many grips do I need?
    For each vertical route you create we recommend using one hold per vertical foot (If your wall is 15 feet high you'll need about 15 grips for one route). If you want to create 3 routes, each one 8 feet high, you'll need about 24 grips.

    To make larger walls climb-able (96 square feet or more) we recommend a minimum of 1 hold per 2 square feet.

  • Are there any age or weight restrictions?
    Nope! These grips can be used whether you are 2, or 92 yrs old, 20 lbs or 500 lbs.

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