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Requesting a donation

Every month we receive requests for free climbing holds from Military Personnel, college students, special needs schools, Make a Wish Foundation, Scout Troops, climbing gyms, community centers, churches etc.. Since we are a very small business (4 people) there is simply no way we help everyone on our own.

With our current budget / sales volume we donate as much as we can which is about $2,250 worth of grips each Quarter. With your help we hope we can do more!

Getting involved and helping out is easy. Click the donate button and enter the amount you are comfortable with.

Want to get on the list? Post a link to our site (http://www.threeballclimbing.com) on your Facebook page and send us an email.

    We'll need to know the following:

  • Name of organization
  • Shipping Address
  • History and Mission of Organization or Project
  • How are you publicizing your project? What exposure will Three Ball Climbing receive? How will the donation by Three Ball Climbing be recognized?
  • Have you applied for or received a donation from other manufacturers?
  • Please list donations (Type and Value) made by other manufacturers to your project.
  • Items requested
  • "Needed by" Date

We've got a bit of work to do, but we'll be posting the list of generous donators and donation recipients on this page. Donations are made on a first come first serve basis.

*While we do donate a significant amount of goods to the climbing community we are under no obligation to donate anything to anyone at any time. Making a request for a donation does not entitle anyone to any Three Ball Climbing goods or services. We reserve the right to accept or reject any donation request.

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Donations have been made to:

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