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Marking Plywood

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Now it is time to mark the plywood. You will need your measuring tape, a pencil and your chalk line. First you need to decide what kind of spacing you want between t-nuts. We usually space them 7 inches across and 7 inches up. A 7" x 7" grid will give you about 100 holes per 4'x8' sheet of plywood.

1. Starting from the top left pull your measuring tape all the way accross the plywood the long way to the to right. Mark the first point at 3 inches. Next add 7" for the rest of the marks. Mark at 10", then 17" etc. Keep going until you've marked the entire length.

2. Next start from the bottom left and repeat the same markings. 3", 10", 17", 24" etc.

3. Next connect the dots with a line. You'll need your chalk-line or a straight edge. Draw a line from the top 3" mark down to the bottom 3" mark. Repeat this step for each pair of marks going accross the top and bottom of the plywood. Once you've got all your vertical lines drawn you can start on the horizontal lines.

4. Measure from the top left corner down to the bottom left. Mark the points the same way you did before during step one. The first one will be at 3 inches, and add seven inches for the rest of the points. 3", 10", 17", 24" etc.

5. Next measure from the top right down to the bottom right and mark it the same way.

6. Connect the horizontal lines just like you did for the vertical lines during step 3.

You can repeat this procedure for marking the 2nd sheet of plywood. If you prefer, you can place the marked sheet exactly over the second sheet, and drive in a couple screws to keep them perfectly lined up before you start drlling holes.

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