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Drill Plywood
After snapping all your chalk lines, the plywood should look something like this. Place the marked sheet of plywood exactly over the second sheet. Drive two or 3 screws through both sheets to hold them in place. Replace the bit in your power drill with the 7/16" drill bit and drill a hole at each intersection point. You should be able to drill through both sheets of plywood at the same time. Be careful not to push too hard when the drill bit is almost through the second sheet.
Image Loading...
You want the bit to cut through the wood, not break through.

Next, remove the 2 or 3 temporary screws and place one sheet of plywood on the frame with the marked side down.
Mark the edges of the plywood where the studs line up. This will help when your are fastening the plywood to the frame. Mark both sheets the same way. Next take your chalk line or straight edge and draw a line between each pair of points. When you have finished marking, take the plywood off the frame and drill 6 or more holes along the lines you have just marked using the 7/32" drill bit.
Image Loading... You will drill a total of 36 or more holes. Now repeat the process for the second sheet of plywood.

Once you have predrilled each sheet of plywood, place them back on the frame and make sure they fit evenly and that the holes you have drilled are directly ove the studs of the frame. Take your 2 inch screws and fasten both sheets of plywood to the frame.

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