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Vertical or Overhanging?
Almost finished! Now it is time to decide what angle you want your wall to be. Will it be completely vertical, or will it lean toward you? The following instructions will assume you are building an overhanging wall. I have found that an angle between 70 and 75 degrees to be great for beginners, and experienced climbers.
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Whatever you decide, you will need to cut some 2x4s to attach your climbing wall to the studs you have already fastened to your home wall. The length of these supports will vary according to the angle of your wall.
I recommend you cut the bottom pieces at least 18 inches long. You will need a little space to walk behind the wall.

An easy way to mark the angles on each piece that needs to be cut is to prop up the wall at the angle your want it to be. Now grab a 2x4 and place it flush against the bottom of the anchor wall. Mark the 2x4 where it meets the front of the propped up climbing wall. Make sure these bottom pieces are at leat 18" long.

Do this for the top, middle, and bottom pieces. Mark 2 pieces for the bottom, 6 pieces for the middle, and 6 pieces for the top. Once you are finished all you have to do is cut your pieces right on the lines you have made.

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