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Fasten Supports
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Now that you have cut and predrilled each support it is time to mount them.

Start by fastening one of your top pieces to each side of the frame and to the anchors.

Use the power drill and the 2 1/2" screws to fasten your supports both to the Wall Anchors and to the Frame.

Next fasten one bottom piece to each side, just lke you did with the top pieces.

Now the wall should stand on its own and is ready for the rest of your supports! You must install all 14 supports before climbing on the wall. I recommend starting with the top pieces so you will not have to maneuver around the middle pieces while you are trying to put in the top pieces.
If you are working by yourself, here is a tip to hold the supports up while you are trying to drive in the screws. Temporarily fasten a small block to the anchor stud so one side of your support can rest on it while you screw in the other side.
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Rest this end on the block and attach the other end first. When you have fastened both sides, take off the block and do the same with the next piece.

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