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First Anchor
If you are okay with the chalk, great! Otherwise use a pencil and a long straight edge to mark from point to point.

Next you will need to grab 6 of your 2x4s and take them to your work bench. Using the powerdrill and 7/32 inch drill bit, predrill 9 or more holes down the middle of each 2x4 as shown.
Next, take the 6 studs to the wall you just marked and grab your 3 1/2" screws and the drill. Replace the 7/32" drill bit with the philips head bit.

Now line up the center of the first of your 6 studs with the line you have marked on the wall.

Don't worry about it being perfectly straight for the first screw. Just line up the bottom hole with the line and fasten the stud to the wall with a 3 1/2" screw. If the screw never stops spinning, or the stud doesn't fit tight with the wall, then you have probably missed the stud. These screws absolutely must be anchored in the studs.

If it is nice and tight, then line up the top-most hole in the stud with the center line on the wall and screw it in. It might not be a bad idea to use your bubble level to make sure your stud is 90 degrees. The rest of the holes should now be lined up with the mark on the wall and you can finish fastening the stud to the wall with the 3 1/2" screws.

Before you go ahead and install the other (5) 2x4s take your measuring tape and measure from the outside edge of the 2x4 you just installed. Measure 96 inches and mark the spot. Repeat this process from the top and bottom of the 2x4. These marks should be close to the sixth vertical line you already have on the wall. They should be a little bit past the line. These new points you have just marked will tell you exactly where the outside edge of the next 2x4 should be.

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