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Making the Frame

Now it is time to make a frame. You will need your miter-saw or framing saw, your drill, the 7/32" drill bit, the philips drill bit and the 2 1/2" screws. You will also need your measuring tape and a pencil. Start by setting aside two 96" studs for the top and bottom of the frame. Next you will need to measure and mark 6 of your 2x4s at 93 inches. Next cut the extra pieces off. It is important that these ends be square.

Once you have all 8 pieces ready, take the 96 inch piece you will use for the bottom of the frame to the wall where you have installed your vertical supports and place it alongside the base of the wall. Line it up flush with both sides of the supports with the wide side flat against the floor. Using the carpenters square and a pencil, mark where the left side of each support meets the 2x4. These marks will tell you exactly where your studs need to be when building the frame. Next, take the 2x4 you will use for the top of the frame and mark it the same way.

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