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Ganymede 4.5 Inch Sphere

Ganymede and Titan size reference

Ganymede and Titan size reference 002

  • Ganymede is only a half inch larger in diameter than Titan, but it makes a big difference! On steep walls Titan spheres are small enough for most adults to pinch, but Ganymede spheres will are too big to pinch for most climbers.

    4.5" Diameter Sphere:

  • These guys are fun! We've always been focused on making the most comfortable climbing holds around and if nothing else, these grips are comfy!
  • Spheres might be the most versatile grips we have made yet! No matter what angle of wall you put them on, you'll think they were designed exactly for that angle.

  • Ganymede spheres are easy for beginners of all ages on vertical walls, and they are great for challenging strong climbers on steep overhanging walls. The steeper the wall, the more slopey they get. You can create some really tough compression problems on steep walls and horizontal roof sections.

  • Designed to fit both M10 and 3/8" bolts.

  • Seamless grip area.
  • Made with pure polyurethane.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • Released 2014/06/26.

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