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Drop In anchors
Fasten bolt-on climbing holds to concrete walls.

Concrete wall should be at least 4 inches thick.
Drop In Anchors

  • Zinc Plated
  • 3/8"-16 thread
  • 1/2" outer diameter
  • 1 9/16" length
(5) to (80)
(100) to (500)
Each order also includes the necessary set tool.
(1 quarter inch bolt)
  • ***If you are fastening climbing grips to a concrete or cinder block wall we recommend using Screw on climbing holds and Masonry Screws.

    If you prefer to use Bolt on Climbing holds, we recommend Installing a wood climbing wall over the face of the concrete and fastening grips to your t-nuts. You'll need to fasten 'furring strips' as seen in our How to Build a Vertical Climbing Wall video. The difference is you'll fasten the furring strips using masonry screws instead of wood screws. Once you have the furring strips securely in place you can fasten plywood to the furring strips as described in the 'How To' vid :)

  • Before using Drop in Anchors we recommend consulting a structural engineer to check our the wall in question and discuss what kind of loads both the wall and the anchors should be able to handle.
A Drop-In anchor consists of a zinc plated steel tubular expansion shield and a solid, cone-shaped expander plug. The expander plug is case hardened and tempered to prevent galling and binding during expansion. To install you need to drill your holes 1 11/16" deep with a 1/2" masonry drill bit. When you drop in the anchor make sure the front of the drop in anchor sits a little behind the surface of the concrete wall. The back of the climbing holds should not touch the drop in anchors when fastened. If the anchor is sitting at the proper depth, tap the expander plug in place using a hammer and the "set tool" (small bolt) we provided. Once it's securely in place it's ready for a climbing hold to be fastened! If you have a hollow cinder block wall, you'll need Hollow set Drop in Anchors.

Stainless Steel T-nuts - Round Base T-nuts
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