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Stainless Steel
Round Base T-nuts

Stainless Steel Round Base T-nuts

Stainless Steel T-nuts are available upon request. (.60 each)
SS t-nuts are not really necessary unless your climbing wall is exposed to salt water or is near an ocean. We recently conducted a 2 year experiment comparing Stainless Bolts coupled with Stainless T-nuts to Stainless Bolts coupled with Zinc Plated T-nuts.

We soaked them in water, let it dry up, soaked them again, over and over. Both combinations had insignificant corrosion. The SS T-nut & Bolt did no better than the Zinc plated T-nut.

The main difference we found was the SS T-nut combo tended to lock up more with or without corrosion.
This makes perfect sense because the Friction Coefficient of Stainless Steel is much higher than alloy steel.

For 99% of the outdoor climbing walls your best setup is Stainless Steel Bolts Coupled with Zinc Plated T-nuts.
If you order bolt on climbing holds and select "Outdoor Hardware" you'll receive SS bolts and Zinc Plated 4 Prong T-nuts. If you prefer to use SS t-nuts make sure you lubricate the threads of the bolts before tightening them down.

Instructions for installing Round Base T-nuts Round base t-nuts are nice because they are easier a bit more secure than 4 prong t-nuts. They are used in most commercial climbing gyms because of their strength and the minimal effort required to install. You can insert them by hand into the predrilled holes in your climbing wall. There are 3 holes in each t-nut which allow you to fasten a couple screws into the wood from behind the wall. These screws will keep the t-nut from spinning and from popping out when you try to fasten a hold to the wall. 3 zinc plated screws are included with each t-nut ordered.

Concrete Drop in Anchors - Round Base Zinc Plated T-nuts
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