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Round Base T-nuts
  • Base Diameter - 1"
  • Barrel O.D. 7/16" (use 7/16" drill bit)
  • Barrel I.D. 3/8"
  • Barrel length 7/16"
  • Installation screw length - 1/2"
  • Wall panels must be at least 3/4" thick.

Round Base T-nuts

T-nuts Quantity
Special Instructions
T-nuts Quantity
Special Instructions
Each order also includes the necessary screws for each t-nut.

Instructions for installing Round Base T-nuts Round base t-nuts are used in most commercial climbing gyms because of their security and the minimal effort required to install. If making sure you never accidentally push a t-nut out when you are route-setting is important to you, then you want the Round Base version. You can insert them by hand into the pre-drilled holes in your climbing wall. There are 3 holes in each t-nut which allow you to fasten a couple screws into the wood from behind the wall. These screws will keep the t-nut from spinning and from popping out when you try to fasten a hold to the wall. 3 zinc plated screws are included with each t-nut ordered.

Concrete Drop in Anchors - 4 Prong T-nuts
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