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Welcome to our How To page!

Most of the information we provide can be viewed for free. There are a couple items that we require a small fee to view / download. (Our climbing wall plans and the detailed "how to make climbing holds" pdf.)

How to

Create a climbing path for kids:

Building Climbing Routes for Kids

How to fasten climbing grips
to a cinder block wall

How to fasten climbing grips to a cinder block wall

How to make climbing grips

How to make climbing holds

How to install 4 prong t-nuts

how to install 4 prong t-nuts

How to install Round Base T-nuts

Install Round Base T-nuts

How to fasten bolt-on climbing holds

(Download PDF)
Properly Installed Climbing Hold

How to build a climbing wall

how to build climbing wall

the shop

We're always building, pouring, shaping or trying to mold something new. We hope you enjoy watching us try, and every now and then Succeed!

#limiter2 Prototypes being made :) #howitsmade #climbingholds #threeballclimbing #verticallimit #flexitout #itsforfun

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Two hours in one minute. #timeflys #mixmixmixalldaylongmixmixmixwhileisingthissong @boulder_nerd

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Amber tries to break a hold by over-tightening it...

Attempting a swirled Mr. Nice Guy

How to break a
Three Ball Climbing hold

How to break a climbing hold

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