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How to make climbing grips (PDF)
How to make climbing holds

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How to make climbing grips
Make climbing grips
Make climbing grips

Every company who manufactures climbing grips has their own special methods and materials. These materials and techniques have always been closely guarded secrets....until now. At Three Ball Climbing we've spent about 6 months documenting in detail exactly how we make our grips. It has cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop our process and find the proper materials and tools to make climbing grips of the highest quality.

    How to Make Climbing Holds Instructional PDF:
  • Buyer will receive via email a link to download our instructional booklet in PDF form.
  • Includes 23 full color pages of detailed instruction:
    -Tools & Supplies needed
    -Making a mold box
    -Making a master mold
    -Preparing mold for casting
    -Casting prototypes
    -Preparing prototypes for molding
    -Making a production mold
    -Casting final copies
  • This manual does not cover making hollow-backed holds.
  • PDF Now Includes sources of raw materials we use! (Shaping Foam, Casting Resins, Mold-Making Silicone, Pigments & Release agent!)
Making Grips PDF

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