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How to install
Round Base

(With 1 person it takes about 7 seconds)
Round Base T-nuts

    Items you'll need:
  • Electric drill
  • Philips Head drill bit
  • Round Base T-nut
  • (3) #6 sheet metal screws
    (included with t nut orders)
Prior to installing T-nuts your climbing wall should be prepared by creating a grid of holes spaced according to your preference using a 7/16" drill bit. The inner diameter of the t-nuts is 3/8", but the outer diameter is 7/16".

Step one:
Put the t-nut in the hole.

Step two:
Fasten the three screws with the drill.
Fasten screws

Round base t-nut installed

Most people probably don't need these instructions, but they help illustrate the difference between Round Base and 4 prong t-nuts. If you change routes frequently you'll appreciate a solid nut which is easy to install, and won't spin or pop out. On the other hand, If you don't plan on changing the hold positions frequently, you could save a couple bucks by using the 4 prong style.

T-nut Quantity:
(100, 200, or 300)
Special Instructions
T-nut Quantity
(400, 500, 600, or 700)
Special Instructions
T-nut Quantity
Free Sample Hold
Special Instructions
Each order also includes the necessary screws for each t-nut.

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