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    Kids Beginner/ Intermediate Rocks
  • Each set contains a mix of beginner
    and intermediate climbing holds.

  • Great if you want to start the kids
    off with a little bit more of a challenge or if
    they already have a little climbing experience.


20 Climbing Holds


Chi climbing holds
10 Climbing Holds


Little Titan Climbing Rocks
40 Climbing Rocks


40 kids climbing rocks
40 Climbing Rocks


25 rock climbing holds
25 Climbing Holds


14 big climbing rocks
14 Pack

Sandstone rock climbing holds
14 Pack


Tenderfoot climbing rocks
20 Climbing Rocks


100 rock climbing holds
10, 40, & 100 Packs

Kids Climbing Holds
(also known as Climbing Grips)

Kids Climbing Wall
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic & Lead-Free
  • Made with pure Unbreakable Polyurethane

  • Round and Comfortable with no sharp edges
  • These sets have a mix of beginner and intermediate grips. Beginners can still climb, they just need to use a little more concentration.
  • Every single hold is inspected 3 seperate times to ensure it meets our high quality standards.
  • Grips can be fastened to wood, solid concrete, or cinder-block walls. See set descriptions for more info and hardware options.

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Climbing Holds FAQ