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Kids Sand Stones Kids Sand Stones
Incut Grips

Sand Stones
Kids Sand Stones Climbing Holds
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  • Made with Pure Polyurethane.

  • When it comes to kids walls, these grips are so big they count for two.
  • Each grip is wide enough for children and adults to get both hands on side-by-side.
  • How many do I need?
    To create vertical routes for toddlers 1 Sand Stone every 6 inches should be plenty. If you want a route 4 feet tall, 8 grips will be plenty.
  • Each grip is incut with a big rounded lip. On a vertical wall they are nice mini-jugs, and on an overhanging wall they are really comfy incuts.
  • Perfect for kids on vertical and slightly overhanging climbing walls. (We'll be making a bolt-on version for the climbing gyms and experienced climbers.)
  • Climbing shoes are not required.

  • All quantities ordered will be an assortment of the 4 unique shapes shown.

  • Recommended for climbers 2 years old and up.

  • If masonry screws are selected a
    5/32" inch drill bit will also be included.
  • Designed by Chris Neal, Released 2015/06/23
Lifetime replacement warranty
4 Pack:
Stock Color Options:
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Special Instructions
Install Masonry screws If you need to fasten these climbing rocks to a concrete wall and don't know how to install masonry screws, don't worry! You can view our easy to follow instructions for free anytime.

We are also available to help you with any questions you may have.

View instructions online or Download pdf instructions

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