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MinneNinja Training Gear:

MinneNinja Nunchuks

MinneNinja Nunchuks

Beast Ball Suspension Accessories
Suspension Accessories Example Setup
    3" x 8.5"
    MinneNinja Nunchucks:

  • These Nunchuks are the first product in our new line of Jennifer Tavernier / #MinneNinja training gear!
  • Sandstone Textured Grip Strength Trainer
  • 3" Diameter, 8.5" Height.
  • Seamless.

  • These guys are plenty wide to work your pinch strength. They'll be better than the Cowbells for people with smaller hands.
  • We made them 8.5" long to allow a wide range of people to use them for both pinch strength training and Ninja Warrior style obstacles.
  • Eye bolts are 3/8" Eye Bolts with a
    SWL of 800 lbs.
  • Made with pure polyurethane.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • Released 2016/10/20.

1 Pair
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