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Climbing Hold Exchange Program

At Three Ball Climbing, we are always looking toward the future. One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves:

What can we do to reduce waste and make our industry more sustainable?

As a climbing hold manufacturer, our main approach is to make urethane grips that will last for decades. We believe climbers should expect more out of their holds and we are proud to offer lifetime guarantees on our products.

With all the improvements to durability that have been made in the climbing hold industry in the last ten years, one constant problem remains to be solved. Good solid urethane grips lose their texture long before their structure will be compromised. These days many climbing gyms sell their glossy 'texture reduced' grips to home wall users for close to nothing. Not only does this take time that could be spent better elsewhere, the cash that is generated is not nearly enough to replace those glossy grips.

At Three Ball Climbing, we have come up with a great solution for every one that has ever bought a climbing hold: The Climbing Hold Exchange Program.

We are now offering anyone a chance to exchange their texture-reduced climbing holds for brand new Three Ball holds! Here is how it works: collect at least 30 lbs of your texture-reduced urethane holds, weigh them, fill out our Exchange Form found below and ship the holds to us in Arizona.
(Ship to: Three Ball Climbing, 939 S. 48th st. ste 213, Tempe, AZ 85281)

Once we receive your shipment, we’ll sort and weigh all qualifying holds and then provide you with new holds at a weight ratio of 5 lbs used to 1 lb new. Use the form to specify what types of holds and colors you prefer! We will then pack up and ship your fresh holds back to you in 2-4 weeks. We'll pay the return shipping.

Now you can move old product without trying to find a buyer and replace it with high quality holds from Three Ball Climbing!

Downland Hold Exchange Program Form

If you need info that is not covered in the exchange program pdf Please email Connor Love: tbcconnor@yahoo.com
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