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Climbing Holds   >   Pinches
Amigos, 3 sandstone pinches

Amigos sandstone climbing holds

    3 Sandstone Pinches

  • These three Amigos are all slightly incut.

  • Sandstone Style Climbing Holds.

  • Great for setting hard moves on steep walls.

  • 11" Long & about 2 3/4" deep.

  • Amigos were Designed by Tony Reynaldo, and textured and molded by Steve Dison.
    Released 2013/05/09

We only make quality climbing holds. Temporarily out of Production
Our production mold for this item has worn out. As of 2016/04/26 it is out of production. We are considering retiring this item to make room for new products. If you'd like to see if back let us know!
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