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Biscuits, 3 Sandstone Knobs

Biscuits, 5 Sandstone Knobs Biscuits

    3 Big Sandstone style knobs:

  • These are the three smallest climbing holds from the 'Biscuits' 5 pack.
  • They are only slightly incut, but thanks to the sandstone style you can really pinch them on overhanging walls.

  • These guys are also great on kids walls. Easy as handholds and as footholds on vertical walls.

  • Climbing shoes are not required.

What is a T-nut?
For Flat walls:
(Rigid Urethane)

3 Pack Hardware Options
Wall Size
Color Preference
Special Instructions
For Contoured walls:
(Semi-Rigid Urethane)

3 Pack, Hardware Options
Color Preference
Wall Size
Special Instructions

Lifetime replacement warranty

Durable rock climbing grips
Biscuits, 2 Sandstone Knobs

Biscuits 2 Pack
Biscuits, 5 Sandstone Knobs

Biscuits 5 Pack
TW79 10 Sandstone Grips

TW79 10 Pack
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