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Camp 4 Climbing Holds
Camp 4 Rock Climbing Holds

Camp 4

Pure Polyurethane

  • 2 Big Granite Style Climbing Holds
  • These grips were designed to have the look and feel of real granite.

  • Juggy Ledges: Both of these big holds have an easy side and a more challenging side.
  • Easy on vertical and slightly overhanging walls for most people. Depending on how and where they are placed, they can be easy or challenging on steep overhanging walls.
  • Climbing shoes are not necessary.
  • Designed by Steve Dison, Released 9-17-11

  • To help increase shipping speed, we've decided to keep stock of our most popular colors (Red, Blue, Green & Orange)
  • Orders for Non-Stocked colors will need to be manufactured. Please allow 2-3 days for production.

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