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Core Jugs Climbing Holds
Large Climbing Holds - Core -
Core Jugs 5 Pack

Core Rock Climbing Holds
  • 10 Super-comfy Climbing Holds
  • Big Easy Jugs
  • Rated "E" for Everyone
  • Easy to climb in sneakers.
    Climbing shoes are not required.

  • Each hold features a 3/8" bolt hole
    and a 1/4" hole for a set-screw.
  • Each anchor point features an imbedded washer.
  • Designed by Steve Dison
  • Made with Pure Rigid Polyurethane.

What is a T-nut?

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5 Pack Hardware Options:
Wall Size
Solid Color Options
Special Instructions
10 Pack Hardware Options:
Wall Size
Color Preference
Special Instructions
100 Pack Hardware Options:
Wall Size
Solid Color Options
Or... Mixed Colors Please
Special Instructions

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