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Cheap screw on climbing holds Screw on Cosmetic Seconds:
Discounted Climbing Holds

What is a cosmetic second? Cosmetic seconds are climbing holds that are fully functional, but they just don't look right. People usually describe Steve this way! Since we can't sell them as Grade A top quality grips, they can be purchased here at a significant discount. Possible flaws include:
  • Color came out too dark or too light.
  • Hold has multiple colors instead of being one solid color.
  • Minor surface imperfections caused by bubbles, etc.
  • Texture didn't come out exactly right.
  • Holds are extras from a custom color that we poured, and therefore cannot sell with our regular stock.

  • Note: We do not sell "3rds". 3rds would be holds that have a flaw that affects the fuction somehow. (Big bubble in the grip area, missing washer etc).

Terms and conditions:
Three Ball Climbing cannot guarantee the availablility of any particular size or style of cosmetic seconds.

If we run out of 2nds before your order is complete, we will refund the remaining funds, or send first rate holds instead.

We don't usually have more than 200 seconds in stock at any one time. If you are looking for 200 holds or more, please call or email us to check availability.

All sales of cosmetic seconds are final. Orders for cosmetic seconds cannot be refunded or traded.

Currently out of stock. (2014/04/01)

Cheap rock climbing holds

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