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Wub Wub Mirrored Pinches

Wub Wub
Wub Wub Mirrored Slopers
Wub Wub Mirrored Slopers

    2 Comfy Slopers
  • These guys were designed as as slopers, but they turned out great as tough slopey pinches.
    (On Steep overhanging walls they are tough for most V6 climbers)
  • They are symmetrical which makes them perfect for hangboard workouts and system training.
  • For the barefoot climbers out there, these guys are great as super-comfy foot-holds :)
  • Light-Weight Hollow-Backs
  • Designed by Steve Dison and Gustavo Moser
  • Rated "ER" experience recommended.

Wub Wub Mirrored Climbing Holds

Lifetime replacement warranty
2 Holds:
Wall Size (Panel Thickness)
Stock Color Options:
Non Stock Colors:
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