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About Three Ball Climbing

The Birth of Three Ball Climbing

Three Ball Rock Climbing Holds are
Designed, Made, and Tested by Climbers.

Since 1996, our holds have come a long way. Most, but not all major manufacturers have gradually switched from the old brittle polyester resin (or Polystyrene as some call it) to some type of polyurethane. We use only the highest quality NON-TOXIC Virtually Unbreakable Polyurethane for our rock climbing holds. Not only is polyurethane far stonger, our polyurethane is also worker and environmentally friendly. Our Urethane is free of harmful heavy metals.

The Texture of the rock climbing holds made by major manufacturers is so close it's hard to tell the difference. Texture however is irrelevant if the shapes are sharp or potentially harmful. We pride ourselves on having the safest most comfortalbe shapes out there.

Whether you are climbing for fun, climbing for exercise, or training to improve your skills, grabbing a sharp or painful hold is discouraging and limits your climbing session. We design our rock climbing holds to be Comfortable, allowing you to climb for hours without sore skin. Your session ends because you are tired, not because your fingertips hurt.

In addition to strong holds, good texture, and comfortable shapes, we are the only company featuring embedded washers in each anchor point of our bolt on climbing holds. We never thought we would need to say it, (because it just makes sense) but all our anchor points are ALWAYS pre-drilled. Yes, it seems weird to us, but many competitors leave it to the customer to drill out screw-holes themselves.

Even our cosmetic seconds are better than our competitors holds. Competitors sell unfiinshed cosmetic seconds. You have to sand them and drill them yourself. At Three Ball we are not going to assume that everyone has a belt sander. Every hold we sell, whether it's first rate, or a cosmetic second is pre-drilled, sanded, cleaned and ready for installation.

We are constantly designing new holds and shapes so that you won't get bored with your training.  Additionally, we are able to offer bulk sets or create custom holds for your home wall or gym, just e-mail us for more information.

We appreciate your business and hope your climbing wall turns out great!

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