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Climbing Hold Starter Sets

Starter Sets are a great way to get your climbing wall filled up or expanded. Starter sets usually have several types of handholds included. We have lots of different packages available to fit your needs.

For bouldering walls we recommend fastening about 1 hold per square foot of climbing surface. This is enough to make any wall climb-able, and still leave room to add more or change up the routes.

Some customers just want to do a few independant routes that do no criss-cross. In this case you only need 1 to 1.5 holds per vertical foot for each route. (If you've got a 16' wide x 12' high climbing wall and you want 4 routes, you'll need 48 to 72 holds)

For traverse walls, we recommend a minimum of 3 holds per lateral foot. (1 foothold, 1 mid-height handhold, and 1 high handhold) If you've got a 30 foot long traverse wall you'll need a minimum of 90 holds.


small spheres size reference

25 & 50 Packs
Mixed set Spherical Climbing Holds


Kepler climbing holds 40 pack

40 & 100 Packs
Mixed Set Ball Climbing Holds


Candyland Granite Grips

10 Pack
Crimps, Incuts & Pinches


Yosemite Granite Style Rock Climbing Holds

25 & 100 Packs
Granite Style HandHolds


20 & 100 Packs


Turtles Climbing Holds
20 & 100 Packs

Intermediate / Advanced Mixed sets:
(Climbing shoes recommended)


Basics climbing holds


cobra rock climbing holds

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