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Everything from Beginner Jugs to Roof Jugs.
Big easy rock climbing holds, fun for everyone.

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Easy Juggy Climbing Holds
5, 10 & 20 Packs


Core climbing holds
5, 10 & 100 Packs


Magma climbing holds
5, 10 & 20 Packs


Hover Roof Jugs

5 Roof Jugs


Titan 4 Inch Sphere

4" Diameter Sphere


Ganymede 4.5 Inch Sphere

4.5" Diameter Sphere


FrankenSkull Climbing Hold



Biff Skull Climbing Hold

Skull Climbing Hold

Camp 4

Camp 4 Rock Climbing Holds
2 Juggy Ledges

What is a Jug?

Jugs are the easiest type of climbing hold to grip. They are a type of Incut climbing hold. The difference between a regular Incut hold and a Jug is the depth of the incut. Jugs have a deeper incut which provides a greater surface to grab and get your fingers fingers behind. Incuts are usually up to two knuckles at the deepest, and Jugs are usually at least two knuckles deep.

Jugs are the best kind of rock holds for beginners.
Climbing can be done with or without climbing shoes. If you have an overhanging climbing wall you'll want a lot jugs.
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