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Dome Sloper

  • Need some samples?
  • We've got lots of small sets to choose from!

  • Getting holds from Three Ball is extremely low risk. Why you ask?

    1. There is no restocking fee for holds that have been used up to 30 days.
    Buy our grips, use them for up to 30 days and if you like them, you're good to go! If you don't like them, send them back to us for a full refund and we'll use them on our climbing wall here at the shop.

    2. We honor a Lifetime Replacement Warranty! We make grips that will last, and we're so confident in our design and materials that we will replace anything that breaks even if you've been using it for 10 years or more. Click for read our full Warranty / Return Policy
Small Climbing Hold Packages


Incut system pinches
Incut System Pinch


Narrow 90 Degree System Pinch
2 3/4" Wide 90 Degree Pinch


Wide 90 Degree System Pinch
4" Wide 90 Degree Pinch


Fat Slopey System Pinches
4 1/2" Wide Fat Slopey system pinches

SYS P105

SYS P105 Slopey System Pinch
4" Wide slopey pinch

006 Dome

006 Dome Sloper
6" Diameter slopey dome


Brono Incuts
2 Incut climbing holds

Wub Wub
Wub Wub Mirrored Slopers
Mirrored Slopers

Slugs Climbing Holds
Pinch climbing holds


Gauntlet Granite Pinches
2 Incut Pinches

Camp 4

Camp 4 Rock Climbing Holds
2 Juggy Ledges


Vulkan pinch climbing holds
Vulkan climbing holds


Anti-Matter climbing grips

Anti-Matter climbing holds


Amigos Sandstone Pinches

Sandstone Pinches